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Baby Bottles Tips You wanted to know how to clean your baby's bottles. And it's really good that you're thinking about this, because a lot of people don't think much about it - just rinse their baby's bottle with water and call it good. But it's very possible for bottles, and the nipples, and the rings, and everything to have bacteria inside of it, and it can fester and actually cause you're baby to become infected and to get sick. So it's important to properly sanitize and clean them on a regular basis. You can actually just put the parts in the dishwasher if it's dishwasher safe. Rinse them thoroughly, put them in the dishwasher, make sure you put all of the small pieces in a mesh bag or in a closed box inside of the dishwasher designed for that type of thing, and be sure the parts go through the entire sanitizing cycle. And once you remove them, if they're wet at all, don't dry them with a rag. Just leave them on the counter to air-dry, and then put them in a clean place once they've totally dried out. And if you're going to wash them by hand, don't use your sink. The sink is actually a pretty dirty place, and so you'll want to get a basin that's specifically for cleaning your baby's bottles and all of the parts that go along with it. Also get a scrubber that's only used to clean your baby's bottle parts, and fill the basin full of warm water, rinse the bottles out thoroughly. You can use any kind of normal dish soap. Put the soap inside the warm water, swish everything around, scrub them thoroughly. Make sure you've washed your hands before you do all of this so that you're not adding any germs to the water. And then after you've properly washed them, rinse them thoroughly with warm or cold water (it's just up to you what you'd like to use), and then, again, let them air-dry on the counter (don't pat them or rub them dry with a rag), and then put them in a clean place to be stored until you're going to use them again. You may also consider boiling your baby's bottle parts, especially if you have a premature baby, or even just a baby that's younger than 3 months of age that's very susceptible to germs. And check the manufacturer's label to make sure that they're okay to boil (most are), and just bring some water and a pot to a boil, and let the parts boil for 5 minutes, and then, again, let them air-dry on the counter. And this is important to do on a regular basis so you're killing those germs on a regular basis that might be missed by just normal washing in a basin. Dr Ruche Bhargava Gyne Doctor in Jalandhar
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