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Health of the family depends on the health of the women, however health comes last in the priority list of women in India. Women are at very high risk of developing cancer and almost 1 out of every 4 female can have cancer in their life time. The most common cancers which can affect women are cancer of breast, cervix, ovary and endometrium. BREAST CANCER 1. It is the most common cancer in women and second leading cause of death. The risk factors are obesity, early menarche and late menopause, hormonal therapy and family history, although in 70% of cases there is no risk factor associated. Pregnancy and breast feeding are protective against breast cancer. 2. The early signs and symptoms of cancer breast are PAINLESS lump in the breast or axilla, any abnormal discharge from nipple. In later stages there can be redness of the skin. 3. Regular Screening in breast cancer is recommended by American Cancer Society to detect cancer early. Screening can be done by three methods a) monthly self breast examination- done by the females themselves on the fifth day of menstrual cycle and should start at the age of 20 . b) clinical breast examination—done by the expert annually after the age of 40. c) mammography- is x-ray of the breast which detects changes in the architecture of the breast even before the lump has developed. It should start after the age of 45. Breast cancer treatment in Jalandhar Breast cancer specialist in Jalandhar
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