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Bhargava Hospital Advanced Gyne Surgery Cancer Centre On the occasion of world cancer day, I wish a very healthy life to all. At the same time I emphasize the need of routine health check-up and awareness of early signs and symptoms of cancer for prevention and early detection of cancer. Also I sincerely pray to God to give strength and courage to patients suffering from this disease. Cancer Specialist In Jalandhar Dr. Rupinder Bhargava 212, New Jawahar Nagar Near Chunmum Mall Contact No.-01812220900
WHAT IS CANCER Our body has different types of cells which grow and multiply several times in a day to maintain normal function. Occasionally this cell division is affected and creates a wrong cell or an abnormal cell, these divide further in an uncontrolled way affecting the other parts of the body. These cells which divide abnormally are called cancers. These cells can locally infiltrate the adjacent organs or invade the blood and lymphatic system and cause spread or metastasis. Cancer can occur in almost all parts of the body and they are categorized mainly from the cell in which they begin. Cancer arising from epithelium or covering of an organ - CARCINOMA Cancer arising from connective or supportive cells (E.g.: bone, muscle, ) - SARCOMA Cancer arising from cells which produce blood(bone marrow) - LEUKAEMIA Cancer arising from cells of immune system - LYMPHOMA and MYELOMA Cancer arising from nervous system - ASTROCYTOMA, GLIOMA HOW DOES CANCER START By damage to DNA - the genetic material in the cell By interfering with cell division and other controlling mechanisms of the cell. Damage to DNA can be caused by certain hydrocarbons, chemicals which are present in tobacco for example, radiation or due to certain chemical action in our body when the built in protection mechanism fails in our body. Certain substances for example stimulate cell division causing damage to DNA and causing mutation. Any factor which leads to the above can produce cancer. Best Cancer Hospital in Jalandhar