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Imaging and Diagnosis Services The hospital has an advanced imaging and diagnosis services. The wing is designed to attend to patients in comfort and convenience by expert doctors, technicians, nurses and especially trained administration staff and Physicist. Outpatient imaging and diagnostic services are provided in a beautiful and spacious setting, with a convenient entrance directly from the main entrance of the hospital, into the Centre. Guard against cancer • Avoid smoking and tobacco chewing in any form. • Alcohol should be taken only in moderation, better avoided. • Take low fat, vegetarian diet. • Avoid sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity. • Avoid ill-fitting dentures. • Rush to the doctor if you notice any of these warning signals. Diagnosis Of Cancer in Jalandhar Treatment for cancer in Jalandhar
Oncology The Department of Oncology comprises of facilities for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and palliative care. We take an individualized, personalized approach to every patient. All the cases are discussed in tumour board and international guidelines for treatment are followed. The department also provides palliative/supportive care to patients with advanced stage of cancer. Various divisions of oncology department are: Surgical Oncology Hospital In Jalandhar Surgery plays most important role in curing majority of cancers. The department of surgical oncology offers both outpatient and inpatient services for screening, diagnosis & treatment of cancer patients round the clock. The surgical procedures done are major Head & Neck resections, surgeries for GI cancer, Breast, Colorectal, Gynae malignancies & Uro-oncology. Being a multi-specialty hospital, patients of high risk & multiple commodities are managed under one roof. Our aim is to give excellent results and good quality of life to the patients.