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Targeted drug therapy for brain cancer Targeted cancer therapies are drugs or other substances that can focus on certain abnormalities which exist within the cells of the cancer. They block the abnormalities, by interfering with specific molecules involved in the growth, progression and spread of cancer, causing the cancer cells to die. In general the drugs work to: block or turn off chemical signals for cancer cell growth change processes within the cancer cells stop making new blood vessels to feed the cancer cells trigger the immune system to kill cancer cells One such targeted drug therapy is bevacizumab (Avastin). It is used to treat a kind f brain cancer called a glioblastoma. Administered intravenously, it prevents the formation of new blood cells, cuts off the supply of blood to the tumour, resulting in the death of the tumour cells. Another such targeted drug is called everolimus (Afinitor). It is used to treat a kind of benign brain tumour affecting people with tuberous sclerosis. It blocks one of the body’s enzymes which ordinarily aids the growth of cancer cells. Brain cancer treatment in Jalandhar
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