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What are the Side Effects of Chemotherapy? Question: What are the side effects of chemotherapy and what are some ways of dealing with them? Answer: The side effects of chemotherapy are different for different people, different drugs, and different drug doses. Some people may not be able to tolerate one particular drug, but do quite well on another. A lot depends on finding the right dose that will be effective against the cancer but still be tolerable for each person. This is something your doctor will monitor. Fortunately, a number of effective medications are available to manage side effects. Read detailed discussions about how to deal with these side effects of chemotherapy: * nausea * vomiting * hair loss * fatigue * anemia * mouth sores * taste and smell changes * infection * diarrhea * menopause * infertility Other side effects may include fluid retention, rashes, irritated bladder, swelling and soreness of the mucous membranes, and numbness and aching of the joints, hands, and feet. There are a few other, very rare side effects from specific drugs. Cancer Specialist Doctor In Jalandhar Cancer Hospital in Jalandhar
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